Hurricane Harvey

So many people affected from the rain
Others complaining about people going insane.

Imagine if you lost everything you had
You’d be polluted with feelings other than sad.

Mad is what would be on your mind
With no direction, not even one sign.

So let those people grieve
Because you better believe.

If it was you with their shoes on your feet
You wouldn’t be telling anyone to take a seat.

Shut up and move along
These words are wrong.

Sing a new song, and make a new tune
Who knows? You could be hit with that rain soon.


More poetry coming soon

This is a quick note to my subscribers. I have been quite busy lately, and haven’t forgotten my poetry. I will write more soon and share it with everyone! Sorry for the lack of postings lately.


Sin Dollar

Video Recording of my Poetry

I’ve started making videos of my poetry along with audio recordings. I know people tend to click on videos more often than actually taking the time to read something. Since this is the case I have made my poetry more user friendly. I am hoping this will broadcast to the average person who doesn’t typically look to read poetry. Please feel free to leave any feedback you want. I enjoyed making these and will continue to write more poetry focused on greed and record videos of them.


In the moments of struggle
Greed is what we juggle

Should we care about our self
Hide from others attempting to be stealth

Acting like we don’t see anyone else’s pain
Draining our pockets, straining to stay sane.
Refraining from trying to be vain
While mainly, harsh feelings are gaining on our brain, like a train

Staying humble and keeping dignity alive
Revive the drive inside you and try not to connive

Life is more than just keeping what you earn
Unlearn to yearn for those simplistic roots of a fern.
Stern face on because deeper and blunt meaning is found ahead
Shed the feelings of want, and stop listening to what is said

Don’t dread giving some bread, if meat is on your plate
But instead offer more and invite one into your estate.

Peace through Poetry

Helping others is how I find my peace
I smother the needy piece by piece

Decreasing the hate, packing love in the creases
Helping minds become at ease in the winter by giving fleeces.

Cease all the greed because there are people who need
There are individuals that would do anything to feed

on the scraps we toss because we overate and now are full
They run laps because they’re lost and you think they are a fool.

Pull your head out of your rear and delve into true races
Embrace the graces of the opposite living beings, because they will be truly gracious.

Uphill Battle

I look out at the world and see
All kinds of people roaming aimlessly.

Free, and confused on what to do
Not sure of which routes to pursue.

Brewing up a storm of mistakes
Rattling earths mysteries like an earthquake.
Making history while asleep, and awake
Going through heartache and heartbreak.

Making the best of what we were given
Trying to learn what it is to be forgiven.

Reliving moments of the past that hurt
Skirt past blasts that put you in the dirt.

Turn the tables and make a new castle
Never give up, begin to fight and wrestle.

Tassel with the challenges you’re dealt in life
Conquer the hills now because there is no afterlife.

Don’t work to hard gaining more than you can handle
In the end all you will have is a stone mantle.


The dots on your skin begin to make me itch
Looking at you more is how I get my fix.

Addicts know the struggle I get when I’m away
All I want to do is keep my glare on your array.

I say I love you less than I really do
I’ll say it until my voice box is through

I’m like cocoa, the barkless dog
I can’t get my point across, like rays in the fog.

Words can only deliver so much meaning
Staring at you feels like I’m day dreaming.

How much more rays will the sun shine on your skin
The freckles have no sign of a beginning or end.

Send me your love and I’ll send it right back
Attached are these meaningful words that don’t lack

Luster or beaming rays of light
Because your love and beauty are stronger than dynamite.